Story Behind Lady Dibble®

The concept of Lady Dibble® goes back to a business trip the author, Tracey Robinson, took to Eastbourne, England in the early 1990s. While staying in a palatial hotel suite in that seaside town, colleagues knew she was writing stories and started to call her this as a term of endearment. Later living in New Zealand, the author created a radio show which gave her the opportunity to read her original stories on air. Upon learning that fans were calling the station with compliments, the author knew she had created something that audiences would find entertaining. In the States she then followed suit and wrote and starred in another radio show and a Lady Dibble® TV program as well. The TV show was seen on the East Coast of the U.S.A. and as far away as New Zealand.

Lady Dibble Books

It takes a good while to write Lady Dibble® books and create the coloring/activity books that accompany them. For this undertaking, the author incorporates situations and ideals that she is familiar with from past experiences at home and abroad.

“The central theme in many of my stories is about being resourceful…what one can accomplish with the natural talent, ingenuity, and intelligence one is born with. This aptitude is a valuable commodity.” Hopefully the effort Wanda The Action Princess® makes to reverse situations is inspiring to everyone. Get to know other characters in the stories too: King Thomas™, Queen Agnes™, Chef Mariah™, Chef Marisette™ and Court Jester Archibald™.

Many can enjoy Lady Dibble® stories – children and adults. Tracey is pleased she has attracted both audiences.

The author enjoys creating and designing her products. It is a fun filled process.

Services Provided by Lady Dibble®:

Radio entertainment services, namely, radio programs featuring performances by an author and storyteller, and radio programs hosted by an author and storyteller; Television entertainment services, namely, on going television programs featuring children’s stories hosted by an author and storyteller; Entertainment services, namely, personal appearances by an author and storyteller on radio, television, at public libraries, and in movies; Entertainment services, namely, live, television appearances by a professional entertainer.

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